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DBA Courses

Oracle DBA

  • Explore the Oracle 10g database architecture

  • Core DBA tasks and tools

  • Plan an Oracle installation

  • Use optimal flexible architecture

  • Install software with the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)

  • Creating an Oracle Database

  • Managing the Oracle Instance

Managing Database Storage Structures

  • Table data storage (in blocks)

  • Purpose of tablespaces and data files

  • Understand and utilize Oracle Managed Files (OMF)

  • Create and manage tablespaces

  • Obtain tablespace information

Administering User Security

  • Create and manage database user accounts

  • Authenticate users

  • Assign default storage areas (tablespaces)

  • Grant and revoke privileges

  • Create and manage roles

  • Create and manage profiles

Managing Schema Objects

  • Schema objects and data types

  • Create and modify tables

  • Constraints

  • View the columns and contents of a table

  • Create indexes, views and sequences

  • Manage data through SQL

  • Monitor and resolve locking conflicts

Managing Undo

  • DML and undo data generation

  • Monitor and administer undo

  • Configure undo retention

  • Guarantee undo retention

  • Use the undo advisor

Implementing Oracle Database Security

  • DBA responsibilities for security

  • Apply the principal of least privilege

  • Enable standard database auditing

  • Specify audit options

  • Review audit information


6 week| 3 months| 6 Months| 1 year stipend based


Basic computer knowledge| R & D

Career Options

After completing your full course stipend or Job on behalf of performance during Training period

Project Work

Two project will be covered in the class and then individual projects will be assigned to students. As the project is desktop application and students will be asked to give professional Look, Feel and Functionality to applications.

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