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Introduction of Google Adwords

Google Ad Words is an online service provided by Google. This is an online platform where we can advertise our product or brand by paying an amount for displaying ads. This tool depends on two things one is cookies and second is keywords. Google automatically paste the respective ads on the relevant site based on cookies and keywords. This concept is basically based on the number of clicks and partner websites also receive an amount of money.

Where to Use Google Ad words?

We can use Google ad words in increasing traffic on our site. It is very beneficial for startups. This is basically a support from Google in promoting our services worldwide so that maximum people can reach on to us. So we can use Google Ad Words in promoting our services by paying money with short

How to use Google Ad words?

It is very important to know that how we can use google adwords in effective manner.

Step 1 :-
Create an account on Google Adwords and it is very important to structure it like for what reason we are going to use Google adwords for example Create Campaign type- Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Universal App.

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Step 2 :-
We have to determine audience or we can say that we have to sepecify the details of our audience.

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Step 3 :-
We have to use keyword planner that help in finding the best possible or relevent keyword.

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Step 4 :-
We have to specify the budget and time in google adwords this step helps in reaching the target by spending amount in budget.

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Step 5 :-
We have to structure our account by creating campaigns with distinct goals.

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Step 6 :-
We have to create amazing ads which help in increasing CTR.

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Step 7 :-
Landing page also matters a lot means where we land our customer by clicking onto the ads.

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Step 8 :-
By placing requisite code we can implement conversion tracking on our website.

Step 9 :-
We can also grow a remarketing list which help in keeping our service infront of prospective.

Step 10 :-
Routine Optimization also help a lot in adjusting bids.


1.) We have to pay for every click on our website.
2.) If competitors are using Google Ad Words then we have to use keywords of high bid.
3.) If we have zero budgets then our ads will automatically stops.
4.) There is a limitation to use maximum character up to 30 for headlines and 80 for description.
5.) We have to be careful with keyword targeting.
6.) Our landing page should be on top otherwise no use of investing money.

Job Opportunity

There is a huge scope in this domain as the world is transforming to digitalization. Google Ad Words is the world’s largest advertising platform from every aspect such as reaching, targeting, and reporting. Scope of Google Ad Words is literally high for those who love challenges. Because nowadays everyone is using online method to promote their services. There are many companies provide high salary starting from 3 lakh per annum to 5 lakh per annum.

New Up Gradations
Google Ad Words changes its name from Google Ad Words to Google Ads.
Google Analytics 360 and Double Click will get merged in new platform called Google marketing Platform.
Google Ad Manager will be launched shortly.


Google Ad words is a tool of Google used to run campaigns and ads to promote products and services. This is paid platform and now days it is called as Google Ads instead of Google Ad words. Sometime it becomes costly but still used by large number of users.



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