1. Every student has to reach 5 min earlier in the class.
  2. All the lectures/tests are compulsory.No seprate test/lectures will be held,if prior information is not given by the student.
  3. Strict discipline should be observed by all students.
  4. If candidate is absent in two consecutive traning session without any written(letter/email)information his admission may be cancelled.
  5. Full fees will have to be depostied in two monthly installments from the date of joining otherwise admission of candidate will be cancelled without any prior notice,and fees once paid shall not be refunded in any case whatsoever.
  6. This fees and time is valid till 2-6months for above particular courses.
  7. Certificate will be provided only after successfull completion of traning.And you have to collect certificate and all other necessary docs. On the date decided by the organization.After this organization will not be responsible for any document.
  8. Organization will not be responsible for completion of course if any trainee is irregular during the batch schedule.