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Java is a programing language designed by James Gosling team called Green team. Recently Java was called as OAK on the name of a tree. After some time OAK name was not liked by some of the team members of green team and then the name was changed to JAVA. There are many updated versions of JAVA like Hat, based on C or C++. Java language is used in android for application development. Java language has primitive data types and 52 keywords. JAVA language use concepts of OOPS like inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulations, abstraction and many more. Java does not support multiple inheritances because multiple inheritances are only possible in interfaces. There are many standard java sdk like 1.0, 1.1, 2.1, 2.2, JAVA SE, J2EE and many more. JAVA is a high level language which provides IDE for writing code like eclipse, oracle net beans and many more. JAVA also provides JDK, JRE environment. Connectivity of JAVA is little bit difficult as compare to Android.

Why do we use java?

  • There are many use of JAVA Programming. We can create softwares for banking systems, management system; we can create 3D & 4D games with the help of JAVA.
  • We can create calculator with the help of JAVA Programming Language. For calculator we have to use ASCII code of buttons like ESC 29, default buttons from 59 to 61.

Disadvantages of JAVA:

If we talk about disadvantages of JAVA then we can say we have to write a huge code or we can say the length of the code is large and another thing is that JAVA doesn’t support multiple classes. So these are some of the limitations of JAVA that a developer has to face while programming or creating any software in JAVA Programming language.

All update of JAVA:

The first version of JAVA is JDK Beta established in 1995 and the latest version is JAVA SE 11 (18.9 LTS) launched in September. There are many updates from 1995 since today like JDK 1.0, JDK 1.1, J2SE 1.2, J2SE 1.3, J2SE 1.4, J2SE 5.0, JAVA SE 6, JAVA SE 7, JAVA SE 9, JAVA SE 10 (18.3) and JAVA SE 12 (19.3) will be launched in March 2019.

Future scope of JAVA:

There will be great opportunities in the field of JAVA for JAVA Programmers. If we talk about future scope of JAVA then JAVA can used for designing an creating 2D, 3D, 4D games. Developers can design gaming templates with the help of JAVA programming languages. There are many Government related projects like Digital India, Demonetization that will increase the demand of JAVA for the building of softwares and applications to increase the digital network. The number of opportunities for JAVA programmers is large and their technical knowledge is also very valuable. We just need to improve our skills to make our future bright.


There are n numbers of projects in this field of JAVA. Specially for the banking system, management system, gaming world etc. like Hospital management, Gym Management, Library Management, Fixed Deposit Management and many more.

Hospital Management:
It is also based upon management. In this project I used facilities of hospital for advertisement for patient. Also use many activities like emergency, Guardian info, mess criteria and many more. And also shows the room set charges for per day. A diet day diet criterion is shows activity. Hospital Management is for the management of hospital in which we can avail many facilities of hospital as an employee of a hospital or as a patient. We can manage all financial system with the help of this software, we can avail emergency window, we can chat online with doctors for online consultancy and there are many cases where we can use this online hospital management.

Gym Management:
We can use this software to manage time table of every customer. A customer can login with registered id and password to check daily routine, daily diet plan and many more functions like fees structure.

Library management:
Library management system is based on the bases of JAVA in which we can access many things like we can check the availability of books, library manager can easily our account , we can automatically get the issue date or return date.

Fixed deposit system:
This system also designed in java. This is a small project for saving money. This project basically help in managing payments and used for saving money. This project is basically for banking system and easily handles out the routine problems related to money.


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