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Recruitment Procedure:

Requirement: - Firstly we see the requirement that for which department we need a candidate, will discuss with concerned department.

JD: - Then after discussion with concerned department will make a JD according to the profile we are hiring. We highlight the key skills in JD for example if we want to hire for the profile of PHP, the key skills we have to look in the candidates resume are Word Press, Zoomla, HTML, CSS, My SQL.

Sourcing: - we will source the candidate with the usage of portals, internal/external references, by posting the JD’s on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Still if we will not get the right candidate then we can hire from the manpower consultants.

Portals we can use Naukri, Indeed, times job, monster etc. I will prefer for the Naukri because maximum of candidates make their profile on Naukri. Naukri is much expensive than other portals, but it gives us the best candidate.

Screening: - by seeing the resume. The main points will prefer during screening are candidates experience in which field and salary.

Scheduling interview it can be 2 round, 3 or 1 depends upon firm to firm. If selected then send him, her offer letter, Joining documentation:- previous company experience letter, reliving letter, last 3 months salary slips, increment letter, offer letter, end user pan card, Aadhar card, passport size photographs.

Induction: - It means to introduce the candidate from all the employees of the company and sharing knowledge about organization environment and culture.

Employee Engagement Activities:

Trainings:- will arrange the trainings for all the employees. And will make the teams in training. Then will switch the candidate from one team to another so that each and every candidate can mix up with each other.

Gaming: - gaming is fun activity, so if any employee is not feeling good then he/she can also cheer up at the time of games. It can be Tambola, carom, quiz competition etc. For outdoor it can be badminton, cricket. It will motivate the candidate and boost their confidence.

Still if some employees are not ready to participate in any games he/she is not feeling good in participating we can motivate them with prizes, or we can say that firstly you see how all will play then you can participate.
  • Celebrating each and every festival
  • By giving good bonus at the time of Diwali
  • Arrange a daily general discussion session of at least one hour.
  • Arrange a annual party and giving the best employee and many other awards.
  • Arrange the statutory and non-statutory compliances for employee.
  • By giving proper medical facilities. Medical Insurance.

Sales force

Sales force is completely known as Sales force. Com. Its software used in dealerships of Audi is generated by Audi India. There function areas are:-
  • Punching bookings.
  • Punching deliveries
  • Making CRM report
  • Entering leads on daily basis
  • Then KPMG audit documentation have to upload
Its advantages is it’s the best way to save the detail of any customer, Its main disadvantage is its complicated and time wastage for sales consultant.

Salary Calculation:-

There are two ways to calculate the salary either by biometric machine, either by manually. We do it by manually, there is a proper excel sheet with all the formulas generated by accounts department. We just manually calculate the no. of days and leaves and entering the values in excel. Deduction on the basis of employees leaves as well as their PF, ESI. 12% of the salary deducted is the amount of PF. Both the employer and employees have same contribution of PF. ESI is 4% deduction of Employees salary and 8.75 of employer side. Then we have basic salary, rent allowance, transport allowance, medical allowances. Etc. We have a policy of 2 short leaves, one full day leave allowed each and every month. If someone is coming on Sunday they can either take compensatory off or either if he/she will not take a compensatory leave the will get an extra salary. Salary calculated according to 30 days.


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