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CNC means Computer Numerical Control. This software creates program codes and instructions used to run a machine tool controlled by a computer. In which a NC (Numerical Control) machine operates on a piece of material (metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, or composite) to transform it to precise specification.


  • In Manufacturing CNC machining particularly useful because the industry needs large amounts of metal and plastic parts, often in complex shapes.
  • Many industries required CNC Programing. A few of these industries are agriculture, constructions, dental, aerospace, automotive, electronics, firearms, hospitality, manufacturing, all types of metal work, military, production.
  • Reduce time, man power for various work through CNC machine.
  • Reduce the cost of the work.
  • You can do with CNC machine based on CNC Programming: bore, contour, cut, drill, engrave, face, grind, grove, knurl, lathe, mill, punch, shear, shape, stamp, tap, texture, thread, turn and weld.


  • CNC machines are more expensive than other operated machines.
  • Only few workers are required to operate CNC machines compared to manually operated machines therefore reduce man power works.
CNC machining having future until any better technologies is developed. There are many industries which are still depended on the traditional machine, in future this industries will be using CNC machines.
  • Better quality.
  • Better productivity and product time.
  • Less defects and more accuracy and there are many reasons.


CNC Programming have bigger scope in mechanical engineering and designing therefore CNC Programming have lot of jobs opportunities designers and mechanical engineers. There are various jobs for CNC Programming like
  • • Machinist
In which a machinist sets up, take and operates, down machinery like grinders and lathes and used to manufacture specific parts based on blueprints, schematics or other plans. Machinists can work on CNC machines as well as manual and automatic machines. They also check completed parts for quality and adherence to specs.
  • • Assembler
An assembler works in the manufacturing industry, putting together parts or whole products by hand or with specialized tools or machinery; an assembler can work on things like aircraft parts, electronics or engines. Duties can include reading blueprints, making minor modifications to parts so that they fit together, and reporting quality control issues. This job typically requires a high school diploma, although some employers may prefer an associate's degree for more specialized kinds of assembly jobs. On-the-job training is typical. Industry certification can also be attained.
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